Saturday 8th April 2017


Hi everyone!

Welcome to our Easter session! We have plenty of fun activities planned for today.

If this is your first session or if you missed the last one, please check out our last blog post to get up to date on registering as a dojo member and earning digital badges.

As this is our Easter session, our Scratch game today is an Eggscellent Easter Egg Catch. The tutorial is available here: Scratch Tutorial

Coji the Robot is hosting his very own Egg Hunt! We have hidden some chocolate eggs around the room (Hint – follow the signs!) Each team will have 5 mins to see if they can control Coji to find the eggs. The team who finds the most eggs wins! No cheating! Coji has to go over to where the eggs are – you can’t bring the eggs to Coji!

For our intermediate/advanced ninjas – you can continue with your sushi card activities (Links in our previous blog post) or build a Springtime themed game or website.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Easter! We will see you at our next session on Saturday 22nd April.