Saturday 22nd April

Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Easter break!


Our beginners will be continuing with the CoderDojo Sushi cards for Scratch available here:

The first beginner tutorial is available here: Scratch Beginner Tutorial

For any of our ninjas who have done Scratch before and feel they are ready for something a bit more difficult: Scratch Intermediate Tutorial

For our expert Scratch programmers: Scratch Advanced Tutorial

Once you have completed your Sushi cards, let us know and we can award your Digital Badges!

Intermediate Ninjas

We have a few new tutorials for you guys to try out as well based on a number of different topics. Every topic will get you a badge too!

HTML – Learn how to build your first website

JavaScript – Learn how to add interactive features to a website

For any other topics our ninjas want to learn, we recommend Codecademy. There are loads of topics to choose from including Python, SQL and Website design. Check it out here: Codecademy courses

Product Design

Our ninjas who worked on designing their own enclosure did an awesome job and just need to put their design project together for publishing on our website.

These are the sections you need to put together:

  1. Water bottle design – The design you created with all its feature labelled. Include a picture of your model
  2. Features of a good enclosure – Document your research into what features a good enclosure needs
  3. Needs vs Wants – The list you created together which categorised your features into things the enclosure definitely needs and what it doesn’t need but would be cool to have
  4. Final design – A labelled image of your final design


Please note there will be no session on Saturday 6th May.

The next session will take place on Saturday 20th May.