Saturday 20th May 2017

Hi everyone.

Apologies that our last session had to be cancelled!Image result for fidget spinner


Since we’ve seen you all last, a new craze has gripped all schools. Yep, we’re talking about fidget spinners! So we’ve been working on designing our own digital fidget spinner in Scratch. You can check it out here: 

Today, we want all of you to create your own fidget spinner by following the tutorial here: Digital Fidget Spinner Tutorial

Product Design

For all the boys working on the product design project, I want to have the full project ready for publishing by the end of today’s session!

BBC Micro Bits

We are very happy to announce that we have been granted 10 BBC Micro Bits by The CoderDojo Foundation. Micro Bits are mini computers, similar to a Raspberry Pi, which are really fun to code with. They haven’t arrived yet but we are hoping that we receive them before the end of term. If not, they will be our main focus when we return in September.

In the meantime, we want to know: What would you do if you had a Micro Bit? We want all of our ninjas to do a mini research project – find out a bit more about Micro Bits – (try searching on Google or having a nosy around the Micro Bit website) and then complete the following project page:

Upcoming Events

After today, there will only be 2 more sessions before the end of term. These will take place on Saturday 3rd June and Saturday 17th June. We have not yet set a date for the resuming of sessions in September but it will probably be close to the end of the month when the university reopens.

In the meantime, we will be fundraising in order to cover our insurance costs for the new term. Due to the overwhelming success of our JustGiving campaign last year and finding a better deal than expected with a different broker, we have been able to set aside most of the money for next year’s insurance premium. We do have a bit to go though so to make up the remainder of the cost we will be fundraising at the next few sessions by selling Derry CoderDojo wristbands at a price of £1 each. We would appreciate your support in trying to meet our goal and ensure that we can continue to run as a voluntary service in the next school year.

Thank you!