Saturday 3rd June 2017

Good morning everyone! Well it’s almost the end of term so after today we will have only one more session! We will be planning something really fun so stay tuned for more details on that. 

Some of you may have heard the surprise announcement that The CoderDojo Foundation has officially merged with The Raspberry Pi Foundation and Code Club. This is awesome news for us as it means that the Code Club learning resources are available to us again. (Previously they were restricted to official Code Clubs only) So we will be making use of these a lot more in sessions to come!

We got even more good news this week when we found out our MicroBits have been dispatched. We are looking forward to starting some cool projects with these in September. In the meantime we want you to do a mini research project.What would you do if you had a Micro Bit? We want you to find out a bit more about Micro Bits – (try searching on Google or having a nosy around the Micro Bit website) and then complete the following project page:

If you have finished this, you can continue the CoderDojo sushi cards from a few weeks ago or try the new Code Club lessons:

The CoderDojo sushi card links are below:

The first beginner tutorial is available here: Scratch Beginner Tutorial

For any of our ninjas who have done Scratch before and feel they are ready for something a bit more difficult: Scratch Intermediate Tutorial

For our expert Scratch programmers: Scratch Advanced Tutorial

Once you have completed your Sushi cards, let us know and we can award your Digital Badges!

Finally, many thanks to everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts recently, either through EventBrite, donations or buying our wristbands. You have been more than generous and it is much appreciated. For anyone who missed our last session, we still have wristbands left if you wish to buy one. They cost £1 each and all proceeds go directly into our insurance fund for next term. 
Thank you all. We look forward to seeing you at our next session!