Saturday 21st October 2017

Image result for robot good morningGood morning everyone!

Mega Rock Paper Scissors

Did everyone get their multiplayer Rock, Paper, Scissors game built at our last session?

If not, can you go to the following link and do this first – Multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors

Once you have completed this task, we are going to download the game to the Microbits and play a mega version of Rock, Paper, Scissors.


In this game, the Microbits use radio signals to create a network. A network is a set of connected devices. These can be connected using radio signals, wifi, ethernet or Bluetooth. Networks enable devices to communicate with each other to complete tasks. Can you suggest a few examples where networks are useful?

Image result for networks in home


Networks can also cause security issues. If one device gets hacked or gets a virus, it can use the network to spread it. We are going to demonstrate this using the Microbits.

Download the following project to your Microbit: Infection Project


How fast are your reflexes? Build this Reaction game and find out! Reaction Project