Science Week at Carndonagh Library

Good evening everyone!

Welcome to this very special session taking place at Carndonagh Library to announce their newest venture – Carndonagh Coding Club!

This evening, whilst the parents find out more about coding from Natasha, the kids are going to work with Adam to create some very cool projects.

I’m sure you have all seen the Google Doodles. On special days, Google updates their logo on their homepage to celebrate a special occasion, highlight an important issue or remember a famous person.


Sometimes the doodles are images, but sometimes they are animations or games. Let’s see what awesome Doodles you can make.

Go to the following link and watch the introductory video:

The program we will be using to create these Doodles is called Scratch. It is a bit like LEGO as you put blocks together to make something. Although instead of making a building or character, you will be making a computer program.

You can open Scratch by clicking on the following link:

The project will already have the Google letters added to it. Watch the videos on the CS First website to find out how to animate your letters (

Have fun!

We hope you all enjoyed tonight’s session!

Thank you to Ursula and Carmel for inviting us to this very special occasion. We wish you all the best with your coding adventures!