Saturday 17th November 2017

Hi everyone!

So let’s get the important business out of the way – The Great Pudsey Duck Race!

pudsey**DRUM ROLL**

1st Place – GOLDEN DUCK


3rd Place – DISCO DUCK

We held a few draws with friends and family and the employees of Fast Technologies and in total raised £90!

Our winners were Lucas White, Michael McConnell and Gerry Reddin.

Thank you everyone for your support!

Countdown To Christmas

Believe it or not but it is only…

Image result for 37 sleeps until christmas

But even more importantly, there are only 3 more CoderDojo sessions of this term (including today).

So we are going to begin working on a Christmas themed project! How about we make our very own CoderDojo Christmas Tree decorated with Micro:Bits?

Activity 1

At the last session you were working with the LED lights on the Micro:Bits. One of the bonus activities was based on Fireflies and showed how to synchronise them together so that they all light up at the same time. We want everyone to work on this activity today to see if we can get all of our Micro:Bits working together.

The activity is available here:

Activity 2

Our second activity is all about sound. Can you make your Micro:Bit play a Christmas song?

Below is the code to create Jingle Bells:


Can you make your Micro:Bit play Jingle Bells using the code above?

Can you make the song go faster when you press A and slower when you press B?

(***HINT – Use the tempo block ***)

Activity 3

So now you can make your Micro:Bit light up and make sound – but can you make it do both together?

Open your Fireflies project and add your Jingle Bells code to it

Bonus Activity

Can you make your Micro:Bit synchronise it’s music with the other Micro:Bits?

That’s all from us for today. We look forward to seeing you at the next session!