Saturday 24th March 2018 – Be Internet Awesome Week 5

Good morning everybody! This is the final week of our Be Internet Awesome course.

When In Doubt, Talk It Out

Today’s topic is a quick one – what to do when things don’t seem right when online.


You should talk to a trusted adult about your online activities, particularly if you are concerned about something. Some common situations include but are not limited to:
• You suspect that your account may have been compromised.
• You need help from a trusted adult remembering a password.
• You are unsure whether something is a scam, or suspect you might have fallen for one.
• Someone tries to discuss something online with you that makes them uncomfortable.
• You receive suspicious contact from a stranger.
• You want to discuss online acts of kindness and unkindness.
• You are concerned that you may have shared something online that you should not have.

Be Internet Awesome Pledge

Now that you have covered all 5 topics in the Be Internet Awesome course, we are all going to sign the Be Internet Awesome pledge. In this pledge, you promise to put everything you have learnt into practice.

It might be helpful if parents could print a copy of this and stick it to the fridge at home. Get everyone to sign up to make the internet a safer place!

A printable copy of the pledge is available here:


Bumper Quiz

Now for the exciting part! Can you pass our bumper quiz on online safety? Click here to take part:

Micro:Bit Project – Rate My Mates

In our next Micro:Bit project we are going to build a fun game that tests how compatible you are with your friends. Check it out here:

Spring Break

05 Awesome-BadgeThat’s all for today! This was the final Internet Safety session so well done to everyone who took part over the past 5 sessions. You all did great and are definitely Internet Awesome now! For more information on Internet Safety, check out our dedicated page here: Derry CoderDojo Internet Safety Resources

We will be taking a break over Easter and our next session will be in 3 weeks time on Saturday 14th April 2018!