Saturday 14th April 2018

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a good break and are ready for some more coding fun!

With our successful Be Internet Awesome course done we’re changing focus back to our micro:bits.

Need to brush up on what a micro:bit can do? Follow this link to the micro:bit website, it’ll bring you up to speed on what this little device can do.

Intro to micro:bit activities

So how do we program a Microbit?

There are a number of different ways using different programming languages. We are going to being by using the Make Code website. If you have used Scratch before, this will seem fairly familiar to you. If you haven’t, don’t panic! You’ll get to grips with it in no time. Our first task today is to take a look around the make code website.

Go to the makecode website and hit the orange ‘Getting Started’ button in the top right corner. This will begin a quick tutorial which will show you the basics of making your first program!
NOTE: You can skip downloading the program to a micro:bit as your code will run on the virtual micro:bit to the left of your code.

After completing this tutorial you’ll be able to explore some other projects by clicking the ‘More Tutorials’ option. We recommend trying the flashing heart project first!

congrats, whats next

If you would like to see you project running on the real thing let one of the mentors know and we’ll show you how to download and run your program. Why not make some edits to your code and see how it affects the micro:bit?

If you have finished exploring the tutorials then there are plenty of projects to do over on the Code Club website! – Click here

Micro:bit project ideas

Already know all about the micro:bit? Well then, time to get stuck into a new project!

If you have an idea for project then we’d love to see it. Remember – We have buzzers and LED light sticks that can be added to micro:bit for you to code into your project.

Stuck for an idea? Take a look at the links below for loads of project ideas to get you started.

Code Club Project Ideas

Micro:bit Block Editor Lessons

Micro:bit Project Ideas



That’s it for today. We hope you enjoyed this morning’s session! See you at the next one on Saturday 28th April.