Internet Safety

In November 2015, we hosted an Internet Safety session together with the NSPCC. Both the kids and parents who attended learned a great deal about the risks of internet use and how to avoid them. All parents were given a copy of Parents Guide To Being Share Aware which is available free to download here: Parents’ Guide To Being Share Aware

We would encourage all parents to discuss safety with their children. There is additional information and advice about how to go about this on the NSPCC website here: Discussing online safety

Below are some guidelines that the kids discussed during the internet safety session:

  • Don’t share personal information with anyone online
  • Be aware that people online may not be who they say they are
  • Do not share photographs of yourself
  • Use a character name as a username where possible
  • Don’t share anything with anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Report anything inappropriate to a trusted adult. This can be a parent, relative, teacher or CoderDojo mentor

You may find it useful to establish some ground rules for technology use and let your child know when you feel it is appropriate to use gadgets. For example, do they have to be in the kitchen so you can keep an eye or can they use them in their room? How long is your child allowed to use gadgets each day?


Some of the ninjas designed their own posters to highlight how to stay safe online. Below are a few of them. If anyone else makes one, they can email it to us at and we will feature it here.

NSPCC_Poster NSPCC_Poster2