New Ninjas

Hi there and welcome to Derry CoderDojo. We are so happy to have you join us today.

If you have never coded anything before, then here are a few activities to get you started.

  1. Lightbot – This is an hour-long game which teaches the logic needed for programming. Guide the character around the grid to switch on the lights using the icons.
    Click here to play Lightbot
  2. Frozen Puzzle – Similar to Lightbot, this Disney game teaches programming logic. The difference this time is that there are sentences used as commands instead of pictures so it is slightly harder.
    Click here to play Frozen
  3. Scratch Games – Now you are ready to build your own games. We have plenty of resources to help you do this. First of all you should try the Lost In Space game.
    Click here to view the Scratch tutorials.
    Click here to open the Scratch website